The purpose of this website was for a business that was being formed over startup weekend. For more information on startup weekend click here. As a group of 7 we decided to call ourselves "Adventurers". The aim was to create a product that used augmented reality to allow kids to get exercise whilst being able to use their technology that they are so attatched too. Because making a decent prototype of this product over the 54 hours was not feasible Danni and myself decided to work on a website.


On saturday morning Danni started by drawing up mockups of the site on paper while I setup the domain and web server. Once the mockups were done we had a team consultation and agreed this is what we wanted. Danni began work on coding the template for the homepage while I continued on pointing the web server to the domain.

Once the template had been built I worked on making it look more fancy by adding gradients to the buttons. I also changed the colour theme of the site. Our team designer had different thoughts about the colours and gradients. They wanted to go for a more simplistic plain white look. I made these changes and moved on to starting the mock-up login page. This page would not actually be connected to a MySQL database. While this was happening Danni was working on our web based prototype for the product using the google maps API. This was never finished because we ran out of time.

After a team meeting on saturday night it was decided getting a basic app working on a phone was our best option. So when we got back on sunday morning Danni fully stopped working on the website and started on the app. As a backup plan I continued on the website, my focus was getting the website scalable on mobile devices with responsive design. I spent all of the morning doing so and got it scaling on most resolutions on smartphones. Aside from that I made tweaks to the site based on what the team wanted. This took the rest of the development time that I had.


In conclusion I'm happy with what Danni and myself developed in the time frame we had. I think if we had more time we could of came up with a better solution. Credit to the entire team for all the work they did. In no particular order: Tara, Craig, Danni, Duncan, Alice and Brian. Thanks guys for a great experience and an awesome weekend.