Lol Emperor


LoL Emperor was a project I started when I was playing a lot of League of Legends around september of 2014. My goal was to learn the Riot Games API (Application Programming Interface) as well as make a start in learning a web server side language. The language I ended up choosing was PHP. I chose this language because I had a little previous experience with it and I knew there was solid documentation on the internet for it.

I used Lol King as a reference when starting to see what sort of data they gave their users. I was mainly looking for ways I could improve or give users more information. As I got deeper into the Riot Games API I could see why many League of Legends support websites were missing data I thought should be there. This was because the API just didn't supply this data. Thats when I learnt the sites that did have this data were using a method called web scraping to get the data. I read on the Riot API support forum that Riot did not support this type of data collection and that soon a lot of these sites would stop functioning as they slowly moved everything into the official API. From this I decided LoL Emperor would only use the official Riot API.


As I got into actual development I started with a basic model of the sites home page which would have a text box for the summoners name, a dropdown box for the server the player was on and then a search button next to that. Once the user had clicked search the idea was that they would be redirected to a new page with that players information if it existed. I also wanted the web page URL to be specific to each summoner. This required me to research something called URL parameters. URL parameters were exactly what I needed they let you store data in the URL that I could grab on execution through PHP code. Obviously I would use this to store the summoner name and server. This would mean that if someone were to visit a unique URL the PHP code would detect it, read it and automatically search and bring up the information for that summoner on that server. Perfect.

Now I could continue to write about every problem I encountered and how I solved it but I'm not going to do that. As much as this was a programming project it was still a website so a lot of HTML and CSS had to be written. A lot of time was spent on how I should display each section of the summoners information. I split this into 5 sections: summary, statistics, match history, masteries and runes. This layout was very similar to Lol Kings layout however in my defence there is only so many ways you can lay out the same information. Each of those 5 sections would be its own tab which as the user you could easily flick through rather than loading seperate pages. This worked great. At this point I was very happy with what I had achieved, exams were getting closer and I was playing League of Legends much less so this was about when I stopped working on LoL emperor.


Overall this project was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. Even though I never really finished the project, its current state worked and showed a decent amount of information on any summoner. Assuming when the time comes I pay to refresh the domain its publicly available on it should be available at